LIVE: Occupy Huntington

So I have joined Occupy Huntington, downtown in front of the Chase building. It’s late, like almost 2-ish but yet there’s still a modest crowd. Maybe 30 people or so. Mostly we’ve been sitting around, chatting.

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It’s been awhile…

So, seriously, my last post was what, January?  I still work at Lowe’s, and I still hate it.  Hate it with a great and burning passion, but I haven’t reached the same level of hatred that I had when I worked at Amazon.  So I guess there’s that.  However, I’ve been looking at going back to Amazon or picking up another job on top of Lowes.  Why?

I finally got my driver’s license.  And I finally got a car.  And damn it’s expensive.

I have a small late ’90s model Mazda.  It’s nothing fancy, but it has a good stereo, great AC, and decent gas mileage.  I usually get 28-ish miles in town, and can hit 33 miles/gallon if I’m doing highway driving.  My tank holds a tad more than 14 gallons.  Now, if I would just drive to and from work (12 miles, more or less), and the occasional Target/grocery store trip, I could easily make a full tank last me an entire paycheck.  I haven’t hit $50 per tank yet, I usually pay around $45 per full tank.  However, I drive.  A lot. 

And everyone told me I would drive around a lot, which I understood at the time.  However, I took that to mean instead of driving to the local Kroger’s, you’d head up to the fancy one on Rt. 60 instead.  And I’m guilty as charged.  I got my license on May 18th, and in the roughly three and half months I’ve been driving, I’ve racked up some craz-ah stats:

  • I’ve driven to the Huntington Mall and Ashland Town Center (KY) more times in the past three months than in my lifetime.
  • I’ve driven to Charleston an average of three times a week.  However, my sorority sister/best friend/former roommate Jeannette (yes, that Jeannette) got married, and as her wedding coordinator, I had to do all sorts of stuff, like getting introduced to the sheer delight that is Yogurt Mountain.  YUM.
  • Columbus several times
  • Lexington twice, mostly to peek at the Paris TB Hospital:
    • You can’t get in, they’ve got it locked up pretty tightly. HOWEVER, take a 4 foot step ladder…you’ll see what I mean.

Moonville, Ohio (not too far out of Athens)

  • TAKE BUG SPRAY. Also don’t go alone, despite the fact there’s some pretty heavy hiker traffic, my sister and I were trailed by people who were tailing us. We’d turn around to see who was there and we could see people jumping behind trees.
  • Knockemstiff, Ohio:

    Not much there, mostly farmland. And the setting for a Donald Ray Pollack short story set which I have yet to read.

  • Somewhere deep in Southwestern Virginia.  A friend and I spent a few days hanging around Lewisburg.  While she had to go home to study for the exam that allows you to become a LPN, I took a jaunt through parts of Virginia.  I ended up towards Staunton before realizing that, shit, I had to go to work the next day.  A shame, as I’ve been wanting to see Staunton’s historical district.

You might have noticed I have yet to head to DC.  That’s mostly due to my hours being cut at work and being too broke to afford going to DC. 

I do have some other roadtrips in mind.  Next weekend will be Utopia, Ohio, with my friend Shane, and then San Toy, Ohio, before the weather gets too cold.  I’ll probably take my little sister along with me to San Toy because she goes to school up in Athens and will actually be on the way up.


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Damn near 4 months.

I really keep thinking I need to update here more often, but it’s hard for me to come up with topics.  Nothing at work has changed, I’m still cashiering and I’m still hating it.  I don’t see the point in bellowing my displeasure at my job often, I’ve already mentioned it.  Although that leads me to thinking if I actually one day actually will get a professional job, like one where I have to dress professionally, and have a cubicle that I don’t bedazzle, a la my Amazon cubicle.  Backstory to the bedazzled cubicle: When I worked at Amazon, I glued rhinestones to push pins and made patterns all over my cubicle.  While that flies at a call center, I don’t think it’d fly at say, a Fed job or the Washington Post, or whereever. 

I’ve been insanely luckier than most people to have a steady job during the recession.  This leads me to wonder if that will actually help me any should I present a resume to a potential professional job giver (this blog probably won’t help me any…Hi potential professional job giver!  Please hire me!)  By the time I’m all wrapped up with my college stuff, it’ll probably be next spring/summer, in which case I’ll have damn near 3.5 years at Lowe’s.  Will it actually count for anything?  God, I hope so.

For the past two springs, I have purchased bedding from my favorite store, Anthropologie.  Even though it’s not yet spring, I did make a purchase in a post-Christmas sales madness:

It’s the Paper Birch collection.  I got the entire collection, quilt, shams, etc.  What I really like about this collection is that it doesn’t use the same voile fabrics a lot of the other quilts use.  The voile is beautiful but damn it’s fragile.  In 2009, I purchased my Quintana Roo, last year I bought the Torch Ginger on a trip to DC (I love it, it’s linen and wonderful for summer), and this year, Paper Birch.  Also for the record, I haven’t really boughten anything for my room since I’ve moved back home.  My room is only 7’x9′, and I just don’t have the room. 

Other Adventures:
-About two-three weeks ago, I got my hair highlighted for the first time in my life.  I have dark brown hair, so I’ve never really bothered doing much to is, color-wise.  But I did some research, talked to some people, and decided to go for it.  I told the stylist I wanted something very natural looking, subtle, nothing dramatic.  I left with bright, brassy gold highlights that eerily looked like Kelly Clarkson’s zebra-stripe do from back in ’03:

Everyone told me they looked good, but I didn’t share their opinions.  Frankly, I thought they made my hair look cheap.  I was advised to wait a bit, as they do fade some, or it might grow on me.  The highlights did fade, but I wanted them to fade to about 90% of what they were.  I ended up visiting Sally Beauty Supply, got some advice, got some supplies, and spent 2-3 hours redoing my hair.  My friend had told me to go a shade darker for best coverage, but the woman at Sally’s told me to go my original color.  I’m glad I followed her advice, because my hair came out in damn near it’s original shade, and my highlights are exactly what I wanted in the first place.  Everything will grow out, and it won’t look horrible doing so. 

-The same day I got my highlights, I fell in love.  No, not with an Anthropologie quilt, but with a couch:

Yes, it’s a very retro floral couch.  It was love at first sight.  So I bought it on a Saturday, and arranged to pick it up on Tuesday.  My mom said I could borrow the van to bring it home.  So Tuesday comes and I ask to borrow van.  Well, my mom needs it to get to work, and she doesn’t trust my car to get her to Kentucky.  Well, shit.  So, I arrange with my dad to have it delivered to my new storage unit.  They come to deliver the couch, but the storage units were closed for the night, despite what I had been told by the leasing agent.  Shitty shit.  So me and my mom continue to argue about when I could borrow the van.  It was a week after I had purchased it, the following Saturday, before my dad and I could get the van.  But it’s in storage now, and I’m planning my future apartment around it. 

But for now, that’s it.  Good night, folks!

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So, I’m mad at my job.  Actually, I’ve been mad at it since the roughly the end of August.  After fighting for damn near a year and a half, I finally got off a register and put on the floor as a pricing coordinator.  It was going to be overnight (yessss!) and I wouldn’t have to deal with people.  I couldn’t wait.

I never got to wait.  After three partial weeks of training, my operations manager told me that the position had been eliminated.  I’m still pretty heartbroken about it. Don’t worry, I still have a job, just a cashier.  Again.  But there’s a few things about this whole mess that pisses me off:

1.  Anytime a new position at Lowe’s is open, they have to post that it’s available.  At the time they hired me as the overnight coordinator, they made a new position for a second pricing coordinator, a position which they should have posted.  They didn’t.  But they cut my position due to “budget and payroll,” but not that one, the one that was never posted?
2.  As I mentioned, they told me it was payroll when they cut the position.  I’m not 100% sure of that.  At Lowe’s, we have these large ladders that look like staircases that we can move around.  If you step down on the bottom step, it lifts the wheels up so the ladder becomes stationary.  Most of the time, the ladders work fine, but we still have a few that are broken and will still move on you while you’re trying to use them.  I refuse to use these.  Of course, they were always the ones that were hanging around, and I’d have to cross the store to find one not in use, only to get yelled at by someone in millwork/plumbing/whatever for using “their” ladder.  There was a reason they were trying to keep it in their department.

The second part of this concern was the fact I would have to get up on displays to change prices.  Again, okay, part of the job.  However, the displays in questions weren’t safe at all.  A couple of planks laid across some metal shelving isn’t exactly OSHA approved, if you know what I mean.  And yes, I did have to walk on those planks (I asked a manger how to change the prices on that display.  I was told to “step lightly”).  I just couldn’t–and can’t–get kosher with the unsafe aspects of the position.  I’m now afraid that this will keep me from getting a position on the floor. 


So, other than that, not much has been going on.  I work, I sleep, and that’s pretty much it.  I did start back to school yesterday.  It’s too soon to tell how it’s going to go.  The only thing that is really rubbing me the wrong way is that I have to take an online College 101 course for online learning, since all my classes are online this semester. 

For the record, I hate anything that’s labeled self-help.  Self-help books, self-help movies, motivational speakers, I hate ’em all with the fury of a thousand burning hells.  I won’t doubt that they can and will help some people, it just doesn’t work for me.  Somehow, I feel like my intelligence is being insulted.  If I need inspiration, guidance, or whatever else it is people need when using the self-help section at Barnes & Noble, I find it in alternate ways.  Typically, I like to turn to biographies to see how people have handled things. two of my favorite biographies to turn to are Debra Dickerson’s An American Story and Ben Bradlee’s A Good Life. How did they handle things?  What kind of attitudes did they take?  Etc.?  I like real -life examples, none of this touchy-feely Eat, Pray, Love bullshit.

I guess what got me on the aforementioned rant was this book called Learn More Now, by Marcia L. Conner.  I will openly admit I haven’t had a chance to read the entire book yet, but the little portion I’ve read tonight isn’t leading me to expect great things.  The book is more or less about learning styles.  Quite frankly, I didn’t need this book to tell me what kind of learning style I have; I’ve known that for many years. 

But UGH.  I have to write a 200 word essay on a bunch of questions about my “learning motivation.” 

Actually, though, I’m happy to be back in school, even if it means putting up with bullshit books.

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LIVE: From the Huntington Amtrak Station

True story that played out not quite ten minutes ago: woman walks up to the Amtrak counter, picks up her tickets, and asks if the train is on time. The conductors tell her its running about 40 minutes late, and she looks very shocked. Honey, 40 minutes late ain’t nothin’. I remember one DC trip where I was damn near 4 hours late (actually, that might have been twice, now that I think about it).

I’m headed for a couple of days to the Norfolk, VA, area to visit my friend Jess. We’ve been close friends since we first met our freshman year back at Ohio Dominican U. Thanks to her and her proximety to Virginia Beach, I had to purchase my first swimsuit since 2004. When the hell did they get so expensive? I paid $40 and that was half price. I guess it’s due to the fact there’s pretty much a fabric truss in it, to support, well, you know.

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Photos from the Robert C. Byrd Memorial Service


  1. I have a three year old point and shoot camera.  For everyday stuff it takes great pictures, but when stuff is more than 30 feet away, it’s not quite as good. 
  2. I have Photoshop, and I happen to be a fair user of it (seeing as I went into a good bit of debt to study that sort of thing in college).  However, Photoshop is on the computer that is currently down.  If you know where to find a boot drive for a 10 year old computer, let me know.


And now, pictures: 

Byrd resting in the Capital building around 3 AM

Walking into the North Capital Plaza The best phrase I can think of for this photo is "Presentation of Colors"


It's like a "Where's Waldo?"of Congressional members




Nice overall shot. The other side of the Capital steps were local folks.


Obama, Biden, Clinton The President!






The President!



Byrd's casket starts down the stairs


The flowers being carried behind Byrd were probably 5 feet long




Vicki Kennedy

Nancy Pelosi

Bill Clinton....who got more applause and cheers than Obama or anyone else that day


-As far as naming senators goes, I really wish Manchin would have named Anne Barth.  She’s worked for Byrd for years, knows the agenda and how to work in DC and on the Hill.  Also, I really think it would have helped her career tremendously, even with Manchin running for and most likely winning the Senate seat.
-Actually, I’m not too upset about the thought as Manchin as Senator.  I think he’s done a great job running the state through this really tough economic period, and supposedly the state’s in the black.
-Our new senator, Carte Goodwin, looks like Rob Lowe.  Everytime I see him I have dialogue from The West Wing running in my head.
-I could totally get behind Ken Hechler as Senator.  And looking at my Facebook friends talking about all this…there’s a lot of support for him.  His mind is still amazingly sharp for his age (95).  Frankly, I think he’d be a lot more progressive than Manchin on social issues, and in the end, that might swing my vote towards him.
-I’m not familiar with any of the Republicans (except Rease?  Reese?) but I don’t forcast them winning.  Thank effing God the Tea Party hasn’t run someone. 

Gov. Manchin
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